aluminum foil reflectance spectrum

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aluminum foil reflectance spectrum

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The variations run from 2% to 72%, a differential of over 2000%. Furthermore, both sides of the foil have the same total reflectivity, around 86 % in the visible range of the spectrum, 97% in the near infrared. Hi Skylyn, Here are the theoretical values for the %R of Aluminium at RGB wavelengths. Our measurements are readability usable and available as supplementary materials. Most aluminum insulation has only a 5% absorption and emissivity ratio. SpectraBase Compound ID: … Some foils have higher absorption and emissivity qualities than others. Hope this helps % Reflectance (at 0.475 µm) and 45 Deg AOI RS = 94.32(S-polarized) RP = 88.96 (P-polarized) R = 91.64 (non-polarized, (RS+RP)/2 ) % Reflectance (at 0.51 µm) and 45 Deg AOI RS = 94.17 (S-polarized) Aluminum foil, with its reflective surface, can block the flow of radiation. When the aluminum foil surface is rough, the reflectivity is affected by irradiation light wavelength greatly, the overall trend is reflectivity improve with increasing wavelength, reflectivity is highest when the light wavelength is 6505 m. But, to single finish surface aluminum foil, the dark surface’s light reflectance … I guessed at 45 Degrees angle of incidence. Due to aluminum foil roll surface finish level is different, the light reflectivity is also different too. SpectraBase Spectrum ID: L7W1nFwiIcd: SpectraBase Batch ID: 4dan97eWpO4: Name: TRI-FOIL 603: Source of Sample: American Hoechst Corporation: Chemical Description: TEFLON COATED ALUMINUM FOIL WITH PRESSURE-SENSITIVE BACKING FOR LOW TEMPERATURE UP TO 250F: Copyright: Copyright © 1980, 1981-2020 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is impervious

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