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Mike, 4T, Chuck (Spaceboy) and Robby Bobby (first day on the server) kidnapped Adrian West (who they thought was Judge Wesker) in a scheme to get the city to pay Chuck the billions of dollars he claimed the city owed him for completing several unfinished construction projects around Los Santos. Mike is a "real gangster". NoPixel community is a FANDOM Games Community. Poor Mike had no one on his side. Great court case but it could have been an hour or an hour and a half shorter. When Mike was 7, a witch in a forest gave him magical hitman powers. He is the leader of the Sinner Street Cinnamons and 150 Gang. I genuinely expected Chuck, Mike, and Fake Stanton to be sentenced to death with how the trial went. Gang Affiliation All Time; Server First Online Last Online Time streamed; No Pixel (GTA) 27 Mar 2018 : 31 Oct 2020 : 1879hrs 52mins: Rivalry RP (GTA) 26 Jul 2018 : 11 Dec 2018 True but even still, I don’t think anyone wanted him to die. The last 30 minutes with everyone coming up and speaking out against mike and ignoring everyone else was great. Hey there, I play Peter Bourke, the 51-50 in boilngbroke. Role-player Information Mike wears an over-sized "Backside" red shirt, a white durag, a red cap facing sideways, and a large chain with a massive pendant. During a segment between songs, Hunt mentions he has a drug addiction, and as a result does not currently have contact with his children. He wreaks havoc across the city with his son Holden and triple OG and best friend, Ray Ray. Edit: Yes I am aware that they have to OOC have to consent to it, it was a matter of nobody actually knew IF they consented to it or not while the trial was happening. He arrived in Los Santos and wants to take over the south side. Michael "Mike" Hunt is the DJ for Head Radio in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. They would have but they didnt agree to it OOC. I’m glad it didn’t happen though. Penta Penta and Judd were trolling their chats saying they did agree but judd said afterward that they didnt agree. The name "Michael Hunt" is a censored form of the gag name "Mike Hunt" (which if said aloud, sounds like "my cunt"), which he even urges his audience to refer to him as. CinnamonChingyMichael Triangle One comment I saw was that I … By 1992, Mike was living in Prickle Pine in Las Venturas. Grand Theft Auto V | 82.9K views | yesterday Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He often uses cheesy clichés, such as "rock around the clock 24/7" and "non-stop rock and pop" even going so far as to shout "cowabunga!" Male That takes away from the lawyers rp not to mention the chance to strike evidence from testimony if someone misremembered something, What did mike block and fourtee even do to get into this situation? Single He was also the captain of the Blimp Team in MIT and has a … Gender 628-442-6866 Marital Status He is the father to 16 adopted children, one daughter, one 7 year old son and Holden D. Block. Mike is stated to be a fan of both the Liberty City Cocks and the Liberty City Beavers. Status Usually i don't complain about court cases but i think the cops should corraborate one unified statement instead of repeating the same information 5 times. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Lets be honest, it would create 2 days max of RP then everyone would forget, if him getting tried for death penalty was something that would create a lot of RP I feel like the other block family members woulda been there at least but nobody showed up so idk if it woulda even created great rp to be frank with ya, Press J to jump to the feed. Evee perma'd the character which is why the death penalty was on the table. The only one that was down for it was the security guard but judd couldnt kill him and not the rest, :D. I really thought Penta would agree to the death penalty. He has a master degree in engineering from MIT. He also has tattoos that peak out of his large shirt. Active Phone Number Age Rank Faction Information "Passionate about cross-cultural collaboration through music, Mike is committed to inspiring individuals and connecting communities. Species They forced her to the top of the city vault and she was eventually dropped to her death. I never saw clips of the crimes so I was hella lost. That was a wild ride. They didn't agree to it ooc, but in game I agree it seemed like it would head that way. Date of Birth Honored celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame, Holden D. BlockSonRounda BlockDaughterRhode BlockGrandfatherIke BlockBrotherOnya BlockDaughterSal T. BlockSonNacho BlockSon At some point before coming to Los Santos, Mike was contracted to construct a roundabout leading into Phoenix Airport, but instead left to sell guns and drugs to children. These powers came with a stipulation - once a name is spoken, the hit must be completed. Chad TannerJordan SteeleChase ClouterRandy WranglerRicky Robins, Mike Block is a character role-played by PENTA. None of them agreeing to die was the best course, but Mike dying could’ve created so much RP for people if they wanted to go with it. Sinner Street Cinnamons150 Gang He has a master degree in engineering from MIT. Played By Mike calls in to Gardening with Maurice on WCTR, asking for advice on removing weeds from his driveway. Mike likes going to Zip clothing stores, and even offered a gift certificate to the store as a prize to the winner of the Liberty City Mall Live Food Court Extravaganza contest. With the shear amount of chaos Mike and Four Tee have caused that death penalty would be fitting. He is voiced by Russ Mottla in both appearances. Mike "Actual Murderer" Block| Nopixel | Poker at 10 CST. Mike Block He has so many other characters and can just make a new Chingy whenever. Leader Hunt is one of the featured celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame in Grand Theft Auto V. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Relatives Biographical Information after a song. Alternate Characters He also changes his self-given nickname every time, for example Michael "Ax Wound" Hunt. He arrived in Los Santos and wants to take over the south side. Bio. Miscellaneous Information Human I'm Mike "Wheels of Steel" Hunt!" 29 By 1998, he moved to Liberty City and became the DJ for Head Radio. Mike develops a vendetta against Lips 106 for playing "Top 40" music as opposed to "real rock and roll music". He was also the captain of the Blimp Team in MIT and has a Blimp License.

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