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Strato Destroyer: The most powerful arcraft. Their main antagonists are the commanding officers of Xylvania - Kaiser Vlad, the country's ruler; Kommandant Ubel, a hulking monster of a man; and Countess Ingrid, a devoted female pilot veteran. Battlestation: The best land vehicle, has a double-barreled cannon, two-sided gun turrets and three rear mounted heavy machine guns. Platform(s) Famicom Wars VS in Japan, is a real-time tactics video game, developed by Kuju Entertainment, and released by Nintendo exclusively for the Wii console on 29 October 2007. Although the Xylvanians are driven out for good, Gorgi is mortally wounded by Vlad's right-hand man Kommandant Ubel. "Kaiser" was the WWI German Emperor's title, "Kaiser" Literally "Emperor". With the Xylvanians defeated, the Alliance celebrates the end of the war, though Nova points out to Betty that his father left him a parting lesson - in order for him to strive for peace, he must be prepared for war. A sequel, Battalion Wars 2, for the Wii, has been released. Arillary: Self Propelled unit, shoots from long range and has a machine gun mounted on the back. Developer(s) Rifle Grunts: The most common unit. Despite difficulties in their final battle, the Alliance is aided by Gorgi, after he comes out of exile to assist in the conflict in his own personal fighter. There are five different nations in this game. Nintendo 05 Countess Ingridwas often referred to as "Fräulein" (or "Young Woman", "Misses") Ingrid. What's new on Battalion Wars Wiki August 31, 2008 Battalion Wars Wiki started! !Famicom Wars) where it is a spin-off to the series.. From its conceptual stages Battalion Wars began as an original IP and not intended to be related to Advance Wars. Solar Empire Plasma units: Uses a plasma weaponry as powerful as a flame thrower. Battalion Wars It is the weakest tank. Battalion Wars is a Nintendo GameCube war-game played with Real-Time Strategy controls. Grenade troops: Fire explosives that travel in the shape of an arc when fired in the air. Light Recons: The fastest vehicle but is the weakest recon. In addition to the HUD, the player can also pause the game to review Mission Logs, Objectives, and view the map of the mission's battlefield, allowing them to locate the position of units and current objectives. Release Date(s) Gameplay features a mixture of elements from both third-person shooters and real-time tactics games. The game received generally favorable reviews upon release, and led to the creation of a sequel, entitled Battalion Wars 2, for the Wii in 2007. They are vulnerable to anti-air missiles and, when flying low, are weak against MG fire... To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below. For each mission, the player is given a variety of units to utilise, including infantry, armoured vehicles, and aircraft (with the exception of Air Transports), in which the number and types that can be used vary between missions; more troops can be earned as reinforcements depending on the player's progress in a mission or from capturing POW camps and helipads. The game features only a single-player campaign, played from a third-person perspective, in which players take control of a variety of units that form a battalion, to complete a series of missions. Battalion Wars is a video game that was released in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube. In the game's story, the player operates as a commander of a battalion, who initially take part in a conflict between tw… Kuju Entertainment Created by the Western Frontier. Players can give orders to the whole battalion, a company of the same units, or individual units, allowing for flexibility and strategic planning for upcoming engagements, depending on a given situation (i.e. Medieval Stasis / Modern Stasis: Fluff from the second game reveals that a majority of the Solar Empire's military technology hasn't changed in two hundred years. Following a previous war between the Western Frontier and Tundran Territories, both sides maintain an uneasy truce with each other, while maintaining a constant vigil of each other's forces at the demilitarized zone along their borders. [9], X-Play complemented the game's emphasis on strategy and third person shooting as well as its cartoonish art style while criticizing the sometimes clunky controls and lack of multiplayer.[19]. Vehicle and air units, along with their primary weapons and abilities, have manned machine guns that work autonomously against enemy units, and can be repaired by picking up jerry cans dropped by destroyed enemy vehicles. The western continent consists of a mixture of rugged canyons in the west and wide plains and forests, to frozen tundra and snowy mountains and forested valleys in the east. With the exception of ground vehicles, players gain additional controls when taking full control of an infantry unit, allowing them to jump over obstacles and dodge enemy fire by rolling to the side, while taking control of an air unit allows them to adjust its altitude in order to avoid enemy fire. Famicom Wars in Japan, is a real-time tactics game developed by Kuju Entertainment, and released by Nintendo for the GameCube in 2005. Battalion Wars Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Infantry units can use cover to reduce the threat of enemy fire, can man mounted gun emplacements, and can be healed individually by collecting first aid kits dropped by eliminated enemy infantry. Battalion Wars is a subseries of games in the Wars series. Genre(s) Battalion Warshas a native 16:9 display option, but it requires enabling it in its internal options and setting Dolphin's Aspect Ratio graphics setting to "Auto". Battalion Wars, originally to be titled as Advance Wars: Under Fire, part of Nintendo's Wars series, is a 2005 real-time tactics game for the GameCube, developed by Kuju Entertainment. While one single unit is controlled fully by the player, whom the camera focuses primarily on, the rest are given orders by the player that range from following them, moving to a location, holding ground, or guarding another unit, to attacking enemy units and structures. Welcome to Battalion Wars WikiThe wiki about Battalion Wars that anyone can edit! The southern seas consist of several islands, including a large archipelago to the south of the western continent, which is home to the Solar Empire, a nation based upon Japan with a mixture of traditional Japanese and high-tech futuristic themes.

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