best reflective material for grow room

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best reflective material for grow room

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Flat white paint. Importance of reflective material in your grow room? You need quality reflective material for the grow room to have a prolific harvest. It is the best option for a cannabis grow room with big space. Listed below are some of the most commonly used materials used for grow room walls: Foylon: ... Radiant Reflective material reflects … The Importance of a Reflective Material for a Grow Room If you are still wondering why a reflective material is a great investment to have in a grow room, this section will answer that question. It can reflect up to 100% grow light. All you need is a few rolls of 2mil Standard Reflective Mylar to wrap around your room. This is a durable version of mylar and though it may cost a bit higher than mylar reflective material, it is more durable and easier to clean without worrying of tearing it down. Listed below are some of the most commonly used materials used for grow room walls: Foylon: ... Mirrors make a horrible reflective material. In an indoor growing environment, your main source of light is the grow lights. It can reflect as much as 95% of light. But, to further optimize its effect, you may need to use an add-on accessory to help manage the light better.This is where the reflectors come into play. Mylar is an effective, inexpensive reflective material that helps to reflect back grow lights across the grow room. The 1.75 pounds roll also features a polymer backing which serves as vapor barrier. Find your best grow room wall covering to create a nice environment.

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