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chances of down syndrome 39

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I asked for a nuchal fold test and the Dr had never heard of it (this was in Denmark not UK). Participation in day care programs or immunologic deficits could be implicated, for example,” they wrote. How do you feel hon', in your heart about all this. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We now have some hard decisions to make. Either way I'd love the oppportunity to tell you about my amazing, wonderful, naughty, cheecky, very, very normal little girl, Lottie, who happens to have Down's syndrome. I had the just the scan, was happy with the results so opted not to have the blood test as well thinking if it skewed the results negatively I would worry more but maybe unecessarily. This calculator will let you know your own personalized risk. I had the Nuchal fold test today and to my great shock was given a 1 in 3 risk of having a Downs Syndrome baby. We preferred not to opt for invasive testing but I know many others who have done and all has been well. I think Eidsvold has the right question.... what are you going to do once you find out ? Researchers, led by scientists from the University of Oxford, studied 8.26 million adults, including 4,053 diagnosed as having Down syndrome, from Jan. 24 to June 30. I had the Nuchal fold test today and to my great shock was given a 1 in 3 risk of having a Downs Syndrome baby. 1/85. An amnio or cvs can diagnose Downs but it cannot diagnose the level to which the baby is affected. For many people it is a tough decision but follow your heart and discuss everything with DH and I'm sure you will come up with the right answer for you. That was a Friday and I was told I must inform them on Monday if I wanted it. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. 44. “COVID-19 Mortality Risk in Down Syndrome: Results From a Cohort Study Of 8 Million Adults”. xx. Was also in the position where my partner just assumed that I would terminate if there was found to be a problem. Sixty-eight people with Down syndrome died during the study period -- 27 (39.7%) of coronavirus, 17 (25.0%) of pneumonia or pneumonitis, and 24 (35.3%) of other causes. In the end though it was a very easy decision because we realised that we wanted and would love the babe regardless of any special needs so testing wasn't really necessary. I would very much like to hear from other people's experiences of such a high screening result. I mean I understand you're both worried and all that, really i do, but just interested in what it is about DS that scares him so much? Can we now finally get rid of 'Do they know it's Christmas'? All rights reserved. Have been thinking of you a lot. Best of luck, myfairlady, keep that 66% proportion in your mind. I am terrified if when faced with a positive result we will make the selfish decision of a termination, but we both have to be happy and my husband so far has said adamently no to a DS baby. 45 and older. I have recently been through a similar experience (I am 37). This is page 1 of 8 (This thread has 194 messages.). 1/100. Onwards and upwards, everything happens for a reason x AIBU to get so mad at needy/manipulative women? For me, the result wasn't good (Patau's syndrome diagnosed), so we did opt for a termination - but I guess we were the unlucky ones on the statistics. unicorn - an inspired touch adding Thomcats thread. lots of love, thinking of you, xxx, Lots of sympathy myfairlady having also had my nuchal fold test this week (I'm 40). To determine your wife’s chances of having a child with Down syndrome following a MaterniT21 test, it would involve applying her baseline chance based on her age with the stated accuracy rate for MaterniT21 (around 99.5% detertion/99.9% … Tallbird I am so sorry. The majorty get there in the end though - my dh was fantastic once he got his head round the idea (although to be fair not all do get there). DearSon For the abbreviations, click on the blue 'acronym list' link at the very top of the page. 2, Part 9: Your MaterniT21, Panorama, Harmony, or verifi screen result is NOT 99% Accurate for Down syndrome. DearHusband (i know you said your dh wants that but what do YOU want?) I know when I was in a panic, it was Patau syndrome that really worried me. good luck, wow, that was the first message I ever posted on mumsnet and I am overwhelmed at the response, thank you so much! “We estimated a 4-fold increased risk for COVID-19–related hospitalization and a 10-fold increased risk for COVID-19–related death in persons with Down syndrome,” said the study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Again - personal choice - plenty of people would find that strange. The first 48hrs after were the worst as everytime I had the slightest twinge I thought I was going to lose the baby. We now have some hard decisions to make. I think it is wise to have some sort of idea what you would do if the test came back positive. I was so shocked I wanted to cry but couldn't. Why is your husband adament he doesn't want a child with DS do you think? i would seriously advise you to at least make a *holding* decision before you have an amnio/cvs because once you get a *bad* result back, that's not an ideal time to make such a would you terminate the pg? Annals of Internal Medicine. I have a 2 yo with down syndrome( amazing wonderful, cheeky little girl) I had no nuchal fold test etc but at 20 weeks they detected what they call a 'hard marker' for down syndrome - a heart defect - in essence it meant that it would have been very rare for our baby to be born without down syndrome. Husbands are always slow on the uptake with disability (speaking as someone with a severely autistic child- so with lots of friends with disabled children). A good friend of mine didn't expect to have a baby with DS (risk was very low).... so it was totally unexpected when at birth she was diagnosed.... and of course there was no choice so she has had to get on with it... and it is going really well. 1/65. Will look at special needs section. I decided against further testing and am hoping and praying my baby is born healthy. like DD and Dh and Mn I think, sorry new to this, althouh I can figure out what they mean, thanks, myfairlady - sorry to hear about your situation. Best of luck today.

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