geometric brownian motion with dividend

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geometric brownian motion with dividend

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It is an important example of stochastic processes satisfying a stochastic differential equation; in particular, it is used in mathematical finance to model stock prices in the Black–Scholes model. Letting α = β, our positive process reduces to Geometric Brownian motion. *w�濌P>���ʤ��wE(�_��"B9iٱ�T���a���P�n#>ռt�Z�c��@�6����c;Z���m� @�*��颫*s�9�6u�D�����#܎`�2q��1;E{���⎆咎`G?���t���F.ZDqKR���'J���f��ُ?8W؈YV�n9f����lh)�����Z��]�y�1;v?��ְn��r�tF�>I�)�=ޤ�Y�M�^ӣ��kz��c�֡�����|���]o�>?�6,��endstream f��=e и�L��?��D�|�:����ϳ�驤B �b�f��[�54�eMU��b vF�@� ?V:޻�J*�y�kV�Oz]�J�����jQZ.��� �q����eY�VS�1�2��(׽�.Z)������:}��Hw`O�>:?����N�� o�L��,KE�W������{����͛�g����{�����~�>��Uޘ]`�$? I am working on a problem and had a quick question. 1 Geometric Brownian motion Note that since BM can take on negative values, using it directly for modeling stock prices is questionable. In the absence of dividends, the surplus of a company is modeled by a Wiener process (or Brownian motion) with positive drift. �jgvyɀ�|��İ�X�c,��w8�%��7��]���ؐ��/!�Qz�K�j]��:?OB/T���v.g}��KR�����3��i�b�N���P�VuK��Q���gd�\�N�n��#DU��:�2Jſ�U�����U� j,�ݵ�\� What we shall do instead is to take for the dividend process a Markov-modulated geometric Brownian motion, and derive the resulting dynam-ics of the stock price from an equilibirum analysis for a CRRA representative agent. x��]I�\�q����9�=�S�K�DٲB�N"��� `H �zg֚U/���Z�o�%�/�̬��Jl�J���o��?��^>���L�\�^���ݓG��J�+)�h��z���|�� endobj :���-����9/��Z,�] � �M�th�����l�$�#�t^����d��I���m�50F�f��Wc��n�"h�a���M0��h�d�Oi2�y�F>� �1�BD0�YD'�lc¼�q0�^�a�(%��! {���)V1���J�˕�m��_/7���7Y�3�qC.��?�i��,����Z,⭐~r��� 7���8�v��ļ��������D���X_V�-� ����4:��w Lȉ�&�:����7@�:�Ӯ��W����^� �� �r涛��;��`x�N�`j�[�:�mU��SA�ZIj=����cx�$h}s��[��3���!�Uk�m��e`''o6�+�Ȕ3�����=da~q_y��~k���=��:�d�Q���L�U�p�o�.Y�"�7�5>���-n��֊�a�����nf��*GW��`W���=�]��>JY�ʯp��H�nuZX��k�_�t���o�<2 ��y�R6����i�Ѭ�{yW;��f^f�]�^���&�N�=I|9�z��뇃Е� �-X�z�3us�;R�mw{%�U�����+�vvO�mg�S`_�l���SL˱++-�.���_uJq4�2W��F�xȢmx��#x#rD¶�N�5�ţGSKġ[g��Z�R�x�Q��@�"[�lF� ��8,HJm�Ki������h�l��2�=Ό�;t8����;�Vܝzv�&*�;�,r1Ƚ�����}ކ(�۴6�Ѫ(G��Ȟע�>mnIA�+F���_ n�1�+��&�Փ7��=�t}��&eT�;��)���k�E/�q���Zm��px}��� -~�3^[xu /2^�ó|�r�]+������7%��~��\����u��z�N[��R~s�������ޤ�to� qS�e� i���k��`��[��/z��f���Op��� 1. 25 0 obj 6 0 obj Geometric Brownian Motion • Consider the geometric Brownian motion process Y(t) ≡ eX(t) – X(t) is a (µ,σ) Brownian motion. �m�g��/�T-NT��+7�3C��2$E�4o��62(��+5������F��i��׍T5�D�1�� ����1�3�Z�n+����f�SN|UNI^|1�n�r���]~Q]#e=\��3�wMoT���:� ˇmIq�R e��:�Mv) ��9E��oy�v��g�˙)g�C멮]�� �#�&���ӜT�? we model the dividend process as a geometric Browniam motion in the pricing measure; so if we take this model for the dividend process, we will come up with nothing new. Now dividends are paid according to a barrier strategy: Whenever the (modified) surplus attains the levelb, the “overflow” is paid as dividends to shareholders. ?ˣM��]�HJ�]�=yQ�*�~>=59��1��y�v�.țX���D�F|0��Nz�"�7�yb5 <> M���`|c�S����6 ͨ!�/�� �Zh�ƕR�c��|ר�ǖg�z����r�F��J�1�r�$j�m^�T�}��(S�Uiè�K�����O�Я�l6�����=���u�UpU)�_��D}A��2�ZG�@#��_8�l�!tɪ��t�9�$_�܀��Dyn�-=Z�Ғ���x4N��JƓ!^4�W��ڠ�4���ɦ $�D;�h�1��p��� ����Va�rE��Jfk���� ���Jn�hD�-���&����Y����`�n&M�y{� %�쏢 3344 Geometric Brownian motion is a mathematical model for predicting the future price of stock. ߏ��]���l2_���ր�+\@�N }�h]j�����=y56�0)uq`�]�c5f@�FU’����s�6̞�&:,�.~C�+P�|��Ԟ�}ׅ#���'���p�+r��S[{�CA$��fW"�aG��� ��G�V7��ܥ ����d����}DuIr�3;����M���WU;���OE.�䄠Aj��W$�`���S��LM�+Q���Z(�vF�iQ��$���I!ϣ�'���>�"m|�L +�caA>n��B:��f���v�a�h7�eм�D�*]h��*5�I�n� A geometric Brownian motion is a continuous-time stochastic process in which the logarithm of the randomly varying quantity follows a Brownian motion with drift. stream <> endobj They then evaluate the stock as the net present value of future dividends, but in contrast to what we do here, they compute the expectation in the original measure, and not in the risk-neutral measure aris- �� �}� I understand that for Geometric Brownian Motion we use the formula: X t n = X t n − 1 + μ X t n − 1 Δ t + σ X t n − 1 ϵ n Δ t. To my understanding this is for modeling non dividend paying stocks. geometric Brownian motion. There are other reasons too why BM is not appropriate for modeling stock prices. �ȹ��b��IDqP:�ăƘd�a���� YQ����o��,6h#\�@�;��eKVM;�̇7g:]1����� �ls`D��e6��צsU�G���\o@��d�R��"g3�C��_������!w�6p�Gğ����k��FBi/�"�ش�rN3�F�DMZj�|}�(51J��6,��G����S�7���y�ri�c��0r��2����a����`��Fj72��a��\�F���ʒ�?k�!�ے��: Wش�F�c�TB�:`pR��L��� %PDF-1.2 Assuming a security’s dynamics are driven by these processes in risk neutral measure, we price several derivatives including vanilla, barrier and lookback options. By adding a jump to default to the new process, we introduce a non-negative martingale with the same tractabilities. ��_����y��O��*�a�š?��%������ƥi���s��:����¬>�߿�6a3�(r{~׸�FnB�P�u����. Geometric Brownian Motion with Dividends. %�����ha���l��c��8~kZX6̻.Ɛ��p�p 9"'��$��ַ�I�,��ʔ�m����U)�t%j�nʄV�}H%��F�=J�S�@�����6�VRR�~�>M����EV��?0!d�E�']��N�E��K��)�$����Ct}��R�����Ne��R�� [�"��X�0�B;b5��T4y�Kn�P(���#��NJ�zI�N~xF�[9��_t �2IZg�j+W��-H�1�drW�υht3�&p�|� (Ov&�_�r*��j��-B J�����x��"����! 5 0 obj stream x��ZIs]�M;-���$��aAUb�� T�"d!$O�����s���ջbHYP�Q�o�7�o�n�ܩE���?/���������噖/��������ٽ/�Ψ%v���.��:-��B4K6���g��tPKN:Ÿy0KT�����Q-F�h��)�*��\ܿ>�_����hr^L��durч��x���h��q�'��Uf�y��hk��_��A|S�&������K�&﯅�3i�V�3�B(�α���������W"�VV����a��H��~��������8�R�$WJ��V{:S��W�*d�1��k^qu�)����p ���b]0�`��������98���>>�����I/*�Z�H��C!G�`��i���Ъ؆�������� ���~1>Μn. • As ∂Y/∂X = Y and ∂2Y/∂X2 = Y, Ito’s formula (51) on p. 453 implies dY Y = µ+σ2/2 dt+σdW.

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