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ikea latex mattress review

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Since mattress shoppers are not IKEA’s only and primarily target group of customers, it seems reasonable that the company is not producing their beds in all possible standard and non-standard mattress sizes. Mausund has an almost 8 inches high profile and combines natural fabrics such as cotton and wool to enhance the airflow through the mattress. polyfoam which serves as a buffer and absorbs the impact of your weight. once the bed is removed out of the box, but the smell is not harmful in any way, and you can fasten its vaporizing by vacuuming or airing the mattress. With an 85% natural latex / 15% synthetic latex blend (for purposes of economy, of course) in almost it entire 7.8” thickness, this mattress is a major improvement – in terms of conformity, durability and comfort – over the other two latex offerings. Hybrid. The mattress has an 8” construction of Blended Latex offering precise support relieving pressure off of your sensitive spots in shoulders, neck, back, and hips. A Review Of IKEA’s Latex Mattress Offerings. If you tend to change sides while sleeping and dont want to disturb your partner. Since IKEA is not a brand that does things halfway, their offer of beds does not lack behind some of the well-known bedding manufacturers, and they do a decent job in following the new trends and innovations in the mattress industry. It may not be 100% natural, but getting 85% at the price it’s asking is still a pretty fine bargain – you’ll be getting a degree of support and comfort that isn’t normally seen in this price bracket, and this is the main agenda that IKEA is gunning for with their whole lineup: to provide the mainstream some semblance of luxury at a fraction of the usual cost. With synthetic latex, things are slightly different, since it is man-made, they have to use chemicals, which is why it is not recommended to people with. Sleepers who are looking for the comfort of memory foam, but without its usual drawbacks such as overheating, Customers who are looking for a bed with no odor  or off-gassing, Sleepers who are prone to allergies because synthetic latex can cause them issues, Back sleepers and those with acute or chronic back pain who look for more spinal support, People who have sensitive skin or are allergy prone, Even though it is not made entirely from natural latex, in comparison to the other two latex beds, sleepers can notice the difference and improvement in terms of comfort, contouring, and durability. This is a memory foam mattress. The firm support keeps the spine aligned while you rest. The MAUSUND is a tight top latex core medium-firm mattress model released in 2018 that is manufactured by IKEA. The coil mattresses have … The Sleep Judge State of Sleep Scholarship. Material: Natural latex They offer only three models, with no specific collections, or firmness varieties, their construction is simple, and you can only differentiate them either by their price or latex type. The comfort zones relieve stress and joint pain by supporting the pressure points in the neck, back, and shoulder. high resilience (or an approximation thereof) polyurethane foam in its base layer – which again improves its durability, especially considering the fact that it has a greater overall thickness too, at 9.5”, which should improve its prospects of weathering continual use by a bulky person (with a BMI slightly over 25) – not that I would recommend it. The surface is rigid enough allowing even-weight distribution for all body types. The natural and synthetic materials used in Morgongåva absorb movements well, offering a reasonable level of motion isolation. Sleepers who tend to overheat while sleeping, People who are looking for 100% natural mattress, Average IKEA shoppers might find it too expensive, Since mattress shoppers are not IKEA’s only and primarily target group of customers, it seems reasonable that the company is not producing their beds in all possible standard and non-standard. The company even has a team of people with a task to find perfect Swedish words for their products, and everything is done with a sense, for example, all rugs are named after towns in Denmark and Sweden, outdoor furniture after islands in Scandinavia, beds, sheets, etc. Morgongåva is an 8-inch thick Blended Latex mattress with a comfort wool wadding. Most mattress manufacturers with much higher rates offer a standard 10-year warranty, and around 30 to 100 nights of sleep trial, so you can immediately see what IKEA tried to do here offering better terms for customers. Thicker layers of latex and high-resilience polyfoam improve durability somewhat. , while relieving the pressure. , and it comes in four different sizes and only one, medium firm option. The eco-friendly Dunlop processing gives this mattress a spongy resilience making your movements easier. If you are new to the mattress market and have not bought a new mattress for years, you might be overwhelmed with all types of different materials and constructions that are currently available. The mattress also uses 2.2 lb./cu.ft. Here are some of the main pros of a latex model: Your email address will not be published. Another queen-sized offering, the Myrbacka is an augmentation of the Matrand series which increases the quantity of core materials used, making it a more durable solution for consumers with similar needs. Thickness: 9 ½” Here’s a guide, substantiated with honest IKEA latex mattress reviews by yours truly, to help you decide if their offerings are worth your investment. This anecdote should make two things clear: one, latex foam provides excellent comfort and support, and two, it isn’t affordable for mainstream consumers. Sleepers will be able to rest and sleep relatively cool since latex does not cause overheating. Hence, their models have a lower price when compared to the other brands that specialize in bedding. It is more responsive than memory foam and bouncier. The cover is made from cotton coming from sustainable sources, which means that it is recycled or grown with less water, pesticides, and fertilizers. Since our body tends to get used to bed and its features, it can be a challenge to get used to a new sleeping surface, which is why it is vital to sleep at least a month on it to be able to give an objective opinion. Like all other mattresses from IKEA, the latex line comes with a yearlong policy which lets you get a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with its performance. IKEA uses the Dunlop process which is a tried and tested method for converting the sap collected from latex trees into the foam you can sleep on. Keep in mind that for both the refund / exchange policy and the warranty, you’ll need to have the original receipt and a photo ID. This is one of the most affordable beds you can find these days, being only $180 for the Queen. The IKEA offers home-delivery for Morgongva mattress for a small surcharge. Recently latex beds have become pretty popular; hence a significantly higher price, so let’s see why is that so. The IKEA is a Swedish company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands. There is also a version of Matrand bed which is made of memory foam, but in comparison to that, the latex Matrand offers more bounce, responsiveness, and it also sleeps cooler because latex is not as heat conductive as memory foam. That’s the only way we can improve. A possible drawback could be the fact that they all are available only in the medium firm, but since that is the universal firmness that suits the needs of the majority, we could say that IKEA played it safe here. IKEA’s most affordable latex model comes with a simple two-layer construction: dense polyfoam was used for a 5 inches thick base layer which creates a sturdy and supportive ground for the top layer of synthetic latex which is 2 inches thick. ): Since these beds are rolled and compressed in a box, they need some time, usually up to 72 hours to regain their full shape after unboxing. Morgongåva is an 8” thick Blended Latex mattress with a medium-firm comfort, precise support, and intrinsic breathability. Here are the current prices for all sizes of their available latex beds. The IKEA is known for introducing innovative products at an affordable price. ): High-resilience polyurethane foam: 2.2 (in addition to synthetic latex) See related article: Latex Mattress Buying Guide. The warranty is, off course, a limited one, and it covers mostly defects in workmanship and material of the bed core. Furthermore, it is the only latex offering from the manufacturer that is available in multiple sizes – so it is relevant to a larger number of consumers. The latex pulls the moisture away from the sleeper’s body, and the wool and cotton wadding improves the airflow. The cover is removable and suitable for machine washing; however, it is not recommended to tumble dry it or iron it. Many mattresses offer a blend of natural and synthetic latex, but not all of them are willing to say it clearly, so carefully read everything while shopping. Note that even though Dunlop isn’t as good at thermal dissipation as Talalay, it is still quite a bit better than other types of foams, so all but the most temperature sensitive sleepers will be OK with using it. Just as any other offering from IKEA, these mattresses all come with 25 year limited warranties that cover them against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Firmness: Medium-firm The natural resilience of this material provides excellent motion isolation, perfect for couples or pet owners who share the bed with their pets.

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