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Peach can act a full 8 frames earlier after DJL compared to her wavedash. If thrown into the air, she can have difficulty landing, and when combined with her floatiness, this makes her susceptible to juggling and vertical combos. The late hit can lock. Attack Total frames Hit frames Shield stun Shield hitlag Advantage IASA Charge frame Other details F Smash: 47: 15-18: 16: 7-14/-11: 40: 8: U Smash: 44: 13-22: Regular: 16 Her new down tilt has faster startup, and it benefits from the removal of teching for grounded meteor smashes, making it a consistently powerful combo tool that is also safer to use. Though I feel like the out of shield thing could be quite big and platform landing definitely is, here's all of the stuff DJL can be used for that I can think of off the top of my head: Be above a platform, DJL and be actionable in stand again on frame 2. Currently, Peach is 6th in the A tier in both the NTSC and PAL versions of the game giving her the highest rank of any Mario character. Peach does not fall into any specific archetype of a fighting game character; her attributes are quite varied, with average weight, a low falling speed, and among the slowest dashes in the game, alongside a high air speed. Arguably Peach's primary strength is her dominant air game. Standing next to Dr. Mario on Jungle Japes. Peach, Corrin, Hero and Steve are the only characters who fight the same fighter multiple times in Classic Mode route; in Peach's case, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appears as an opponent in Rounds 1 and 4. However, as time progressed, Armada became the only Smasher who was able to win money from large tournaments with Peach, with all other Peach players being rather lackluster and falling short of the top 8 at national tournaments. Peach's fastest aerial attack, coming out on frame 5, as well as the one with the lowest amount of landing lag. Swirls around in a similar fashion to Mario's down smash. Go figure, Lol you gotta DJL down-smash OoS. This alone makes DJL very powerful against unsafe attacks on your shield, including but not limited to marth fsmash, spacie upsmash, sheik downsmash, mindless puff aerials, and samus's normals. I love Peach's DJL though, but I'm not sure how much benefit she gets from it. As of patch 3.0.0, her Toad can no longer be used to stall indefinitely in the air, now only stalling at its first use, and her Vegetables deal less shield damage, hindering the projectiles' shield pressure capabilities. melee-framedata is a website with in-depth frame data for Super Smash Bros. Melee, inspired by the move pages on SmashWiki and based on framedata JSON files generated by meleeFrameDataExtractor Looks over her shoulders and brushes something off her dress. With Villager, plucking a Vegetable on Gaur Plain. Peach does not fall into any specific archetype of a fighting game character; her attributes are quite varied, with average weight, a low falling speed, and among the slowest dashes in the game, alongside a high air speed. Peach generally fares poorly against characters that can exploit her light weight and floatiness; in particular, Fox, Sheik, and Captain Falcon all have reliable KO setups against her because of these properties. However, because of the way Peach's body contorts, you can actually only begin downsmash on frame 8. When sweetspotted, this move can KO opponents at around 73% when fully charged. Despite a poor SHFFL due to a low falling speed and high jumping speed, Peach's unique ability to float gives her an enormous advantage in the air over other characters; in addition to allowing her to easily and effectively pursue characters she has knocked into the air, her midair jump's unusual properties allow her to utilize the Double Jump Cancel, a technique that allows her to quickly perform aerials in rapid succession. It's probably not very useful during movement or tech chasing, since wavedashing gives you momentum in addition to allowing you to change directions out of a run (though it might have some marginal benefits). Melee Framedata. Press J to jump to the feed. I theorize that probably, yes. Startup is 2 upon reaching a target. A decent juggling tool, especially given the move's disjoint and power. No you couldn't do anything until frame 8 just like the option below it. Its low base knockback, combined with its fast startup and low landing lag, make it an extremely effective combo tool, especially when combined with her floating ability and the clean hit's impressively high damage output for a neutral aerial. 1st sport released on that 8th frame. Jen Taylor, Peach's voice actress from various titles around the time of Melee's release, including Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3 and Super Mario Sunshine, reprises her role as Peach in the game. I like to use DJL on plats to camp ICs. A heart appears at the tip of the ribbon, which is where the sweetspot is located. Faster opponents may be able to overwhelm her before she can begin throwing vegetables or otherwise defend herself. Peach can appear in one-on-one battles, as an ally, on a team with Bowser, Mario, Ness, or Zelda, or as a metal opponent. If hit, Toad will retaliate with a spray of spores, and Peach will wince. Slowly gets up and swirls her foot in a 360° motion in front of herself, similar to Mario's down smash, only much weaker and less range. She can also float at any time during her jump animation by holding the jump button and flicking the control stick downwards. Spins around at an angle with arms extended, dealing damage to her left and right sides. Forgot about it I s'pose (also have a different smashboards account now). frame 5 dsmash (not to mention leg invincibility) frame 3 nair. An average grab, though Toad appears when Peach has grabbed an opponent. Damage and knockback vary with each weapon, though all three possess very low knockback. This move meteor smashes grounded opponents. Reaches out with her arm. Not sure how fast it would be, probably around 15 frames. Peach is in a desolate platform in the Molten Fortress sub-area where Giga Bowser is fought, a callback to her usual role as a damsel in distress. Peach's specials grant her a disruptive projectile, two good recovery options—one of which has good KO potential—and a counterattack. If each side special is smashed and executed with the correct timing, Peach will slowly gain height. If the jump button is held, Peach will start floating at the apex of her jump. However, future patches have nerfed her. Counter window 9-34 from 10-35. The only one that I think could actually be used is the platform land. If Peach uses an aerial while floating and releases the float during the attack, her landing animation will be the same as if she had performed an empty jump. Peach is fought on Battlefield when on a team with Bowser or in the metal battle, at Onett when on a team with Ness, and on Temple when on a team with Zelda. This move has extremely high horizontal knockback if it is fully charged and multiple hits land. Her special moves have their uses as well. Her recovery is one of the best in the game thanks to her ability to float and her up special. Due to Peach's great aerial potential and combo ability, as well as her powerful potential mindgames, she has been a character consistently ranking in the top tiers of the Melee tier list. While getting up, swipes forward with a hand at ground level. Additionally, her slow dash and weak ground attacks, save for her down smash and dash attack, impair her approach while on the ground. However, Peach players have to be weary of her slow grounded movement, somewhat light weight, and extreme floatiness by maximizing her floating ability to constantly switch between the ground and the air, and carefully utilize her moveset to avoid being punished for even a simple mistake. And we all already know how deadly dash attack can be on fast fallers. When low floating, only the second hit will hit medium to large opponents, while small characters avoid it entirely. Sends opponents upwards. Standing on a ledge on Fountain of Dreams. The red lace at the bottom of her dress will vanish when viewed from inside. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, Peach's recovery is among the best in the game, with many options available to her, allowing her to recover at almost any angle. Note: All stages Peach travels to are either Mario or Donkey Kong stages. Toad leaps up with Peach, but he soes not hit the opponent.

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