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Now with integrated laser rangefinder... Helion 2 XP presents a new level of thermal imaging. A picture-in-picture feature displays a magnified image of the reticle area while also displaying your entire field of view, ensuring you don't miss the big picture when trying to sight in on a specific target. Each of these optics is fully waterproof and recoil-resistant to deliver premium performance in any circumstances. This development is a direct result of feedback and engagement from our customers and will be most enjoyed by advanced users who like to have more control on the setup of their device. Pu lsar Trail XP50 LRF. June 24, 2019, Heat signature detection range up to 1,475 yards, Integrated laser rangefinder accurate up to 1,100 yards, 4x digital zoom - continuous zoom and 2x, 4x stepped zoom, Three zeroing profiles with five distances each, Recoil-resistant up to .375 H&H, 12-gauge shotgun and 9.3x64, Stadiametric rangefinder with repeatable target distances. External battery packs EPS3 and EPS5 are designed for the use with digital units, NV riflescopes and thermal imaging scopes. The form factor of the Digex includes the lowest possible mounting point, flexible location on the rifle and... At the core of Pulsar GS line is a unique R-Contact optics and CF-Super image intensifier tube combination specially designed to provide the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance ever seen in... Law-enforcement, land security, forestry, firefighting, life rescue, border patrol, maritime security and cost guard - Lexion is designed for heavy use by professionals. The Trail 2 LRF Series of Thermal Imaging Riflescopes features a new 40mK thermal sensor, exclusively manufactured by ULIS (for Pulsar). Allow raising efficiency of night vision devices in low light conditions. 3-Step power adjustment. Transform your rifle into the most powerful hunting tool possible by equipping this Pulsar Trail 1.2-9.6x32 LRF XP38 Thermal Riflescope.Customize your hunting experience with these Thermal Imaging Scopes made by Pulsar that feature 13 different reticle options and different zeroing profiles.That means you can best match your environment and needs to pick the perfect reticle that … LRF Laser Range Finder, Laser-Entfernungsmesser Gleichmäßiger digitaler Zoom: 1.2 - 9.6 (x8 zoom) Max. Feel free to contact our support at support@pulsar-vision.com. View everything you observe on the … Rain, snow, fog, high waves or waterways, the IPX7 waterproof rating ensures the device won’t fail in even the toughest wet weather conditions. Cod produs: 77444 Descrierea produsului Lexion XP38 este o camera cu termoviziune de la Pulsar care ofera imagini detaliate datorita senzorului cu rezolutie de 640×480 pixeli. . Pulsar LRF Termalni nišan sa laserkim daljinometrom. This choice helps the user to ensure the most suitable position on a riflescope. Please click here for more information. return deadline (January 15, 2021 or 30 days after receipt of your order - whichever is later). The Pulsar 5x30 B monocular converts the Krypton and Proton thermal imaging front attachments into observation devices with 5x magnification. We'll even cover the cost of return shipping. Having the ability to quickly and accurately range your target makes for a higher kill ratio! Pulsar Trail 1.2-9.6x32 LRF XP38 Thermal Riflescope has been discontinued by Pulsar and is no longer available. The Accolade 2 LRF thermal binoculars embrace a wide range of professional and semi-professional applications from hunting and scouting to law enforcement and life rescue. Extra precise shooting requires an exact knowing of distance. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy as possible! Integrisani video rekorder sa internom memorijom 8gb, foto funkcija. Powered by the NV riflescope. Beobachtungsdistanz: 1350m Stream Vision Technology. 9AM-5PM CST Sat Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 Thermal Rifle Scope. Product Description. Trail 2 LRF Wärmebild-Zielfernrohre Built on a new hardware platform featuring new highly sensitive thermal imaging detector with <40 mK NETD and HD AMOLED micro display, TRAIL 2 LRF is able to produce sharp contrasted and full of... Erkunden Trail Wärmebild-Zielfernrohre Die TRAIL Produktreihe enthält zwei Linien von Zielfernrohren, darunter Trail XQ38/XQ50 and Trail XP38/XP50. on most orders over $49 to the contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U.S. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 LRF Digital Night Vision Riflescope. New reticles – New colour options combination for thermal imaging riflescope Thermion XP: black reticle with white dot and white reticle with black dot. The Pulsar Trail 1.2-9.6x32mm LRF XP38 Thermal Imaging Riflescope is remarkably powerful, boasting a heat signature detection range up to 1,475 yards in addition to an integrated laser rangefinder that is accurate up to 1,100 yards. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Transform your rifle into the most powerful hunting tool possible by equipping this Pulsar Trail 1.2-9.6x32 LRF XP38 Thermal Riflescope. The Trail LRF XP38 is a must have in your thermal arsenal. Rezolutia inalta face ca obiectele mici ca de exemplu ramurile, frunzele, extremitatile corpului unui animal, sa fie afisate clare si bine conturate fata de fundal. Free Value Shipping Smooth power adjustment. Tripod has a swivel head with ¼ inch screw with a quick-release plate. Icon brightness settings – the range for the brightness of icons you see in the menu was increased, this allows to dim down the brightness even more, for comfortable viewing in conditions of really dark night and increase it for those really bright days. The Flip-up Phone Mount is intended for the fixing a smartphone on a thermal imaging scope Helion. Only the Pulsar Trail comes with internal video recording, the Apex has a video out port. The mounting holes in the base of Pulsar riflescopes enable the mount to be installed in one of multiple positions. User mode – the purpose of different observation modes is to offer most suitable settings depending on the nature conditions. The Core external power adapter is designed to power the thermal imaging devices (sights, attachments) of the CORE series from external power sources. Joe, Compatible with IPS5 / IPS7 / IPS 7A / IPS10 / IPS14 Battery Pack. Email: sales@opticsplanet.com, 9AM-7PM CST Mon-Fri TRAIL product range includes two lines of riflescopes Trail XQ38/XQ50 and Trail XP38/XP50. Holiday Returns, eligible orders placed through December 24, 2020 benefit from an extended Interchangeable standard power supplies for Trail / Helion / Accolade / Digisight Ultra / Forward / Krypton / Lexion. Customize your hunting experience with these Thermal Imaging Scopes made by Pulsar that feature 13 different reticle options and different zeroing profiles. Top models of the line with XP index are based on a new cutting-edge 640x480 thermal sensor. Beam focusing. 1,799.96. Explore Trail Thermal Imaging Riflescopes TRAIL product range includes two lines of riflescopes Trail XQ38/XQ50 and Trail XP38/XP50. Intended for charging the APS 2, APS 3 and APS 5 battery packs. Pulsar termovizní zaměřovač Trail LRF XP38. Interchangeable standard power supplies for Axion XM, Axion XQ, Digex and Thermion devices. Beam focusing. Fax: +1-866-534-3097 In Stock. Pu lsar Trail XP38 LRF. Senzor: 640×480 @ 17 µm Objektiv: F38/1.2 Uvećanje (x): 1.2 – 9.6 (x8 zoom) Detekcija (m): 1350. Learn more about our Download the free Smart Vision app to share your recorded moments with friends and family. The Trail LRF XP38 has excellent image definition due to its 50 Hz frame rate and innovative design, which draws heat away from the internal components allowing for an increase in picture quality and overall functionality. A highly sensitive compact sized thermal imaging monocular with an intergated precision laser rangefinder for hunting and other outdoor activities. In Stock. Stream vision živi prenos preko WiFi na pametni telefon ili tablet, iOS i Android sisteme. With our Hassle-Free Extended Combined with the Challenger GS 1x20 / Challenger G2+ 1x21 NV monocular adapters allow use of soft air guns with a day optical riflescope for night shooting. Smooth power adjustment. The IPX7 waterproof, fogproof and dustproof Pulsar Trail XP38 Thermal Riflescope packs a punch with heat detection up 1475 yards, Variable magnification of 1.2x-9.6x, Stradiametric Range Finder, Stream Vision app connects scope to smart device, Picture in picture digital zoom.

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