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release of vehicle from court

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457, Cr. Filing fees and preparation fees apply. A ‘vehicle release authorization letter’ is a formal letter written by a person to another person (usually an official), asking to authorise the release of their vehicle which had been legally held back. Note* we only accept Original Articles, we will not accept We hope and trust that the concerned Magistrate would take immediate action for seeing that powers under Section 451 Cr.P.c. Therefore, it would be open to the owners of the proper-ties to set up want of knowledge of the contravention of the provisions of the above Act by the driver or other persons to whom the vehicles was entrusted for a bona fide purpose and seek return of the vehicle under Section 451, Cr. Preparation fees apply. 457, Cr. The reasons for needing this form vary. ( 2007 CriLJ 246) # 1996(1) ALT Crl.130 # 1995(3) ALD 80 # (2002) 10 SCC 283, Submit your Article by using our online form We, further hold that the view expressed by this Court in M. Basha (supra) is in confirmity with the law declared by this Court and the Supreme Court that the criminal courts will not have jurisdiction to release the vehicle for interim custody when the matter is seized by the confiscating authority.’ Magistrate is empowered to pass orders under section 451 of Cr.P.C: ‘ Jitendra Palnitker vs State Of Andhra Pradesh; 1995 (3) ALD 80, 1995 (2) APLJ 282, 1996 CriLJ 105, It was held that ‘ any inconsistent provision is found in the Andhra Pradesh Excise Act, contradicting the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Prohibition Act, 1995, the provisions contained in Andhra Pradesh Prohibition Act, 1995 will prevail. In the light of the said provision of law, it shall be held that the Magistrate is empowered to pass orders under Section 451 Cr.P.C. High Court in DFO v. District and Sessions Judge, 1985 (1) APLJ 47 held that the Sessions Judge has no revisory powers over the orders of the Authorized Officer; probably, he can entertain an appeal against the final orders passed by the Authorized Officer, therefore, release of lorry passed by the Sessions Judge is without jurisdiction. Once the bond is posted, the Clerk will issue a certificate notifying the lienor of the posting of the bond and directing the lienor to release the vehicle. Florida Statute 559.917 allows a customer to obtain release of his/her motor vehicle from any lien claimed under Part II of Chapter 713 by a motor vehicle repair shop for repair work performed under a written repair estimate. The Supreme Court further in Divisional Forest Officer v. G. V. Sudhakar Rao, while affirming the view expressed by His Lordship Justice B. P. Jeevan Reddy (as he then was) in the case of State of A.P. They further held that merely because there was an acquittal of the accused in the trial before the Magistrate due to paucity of evidence or otherwise did not necessarily entail in nullifying the order of confiscation of the seized timber or forest produce by the authorized officer under b-section (2-A) of Section 44 of the Act based on his satisfaction that a forest offence had been committed in respect thereof. The customer must provide a copy of the final bill at the time of posting the bond. This object can also be achieved if there is proper supervision by the Registry of the concerned High Court in seeing that the rules framed by the High Court with regard to such articles are implemented properly. If the said vehicle is insured with the insurance company then insurance company be informed by the Court to take possession of the vehicle which is not claimed by the owner or a third person. In view of the express bar contained under Section 46-E and when the property is not produced before the Court in an inquiry or trial, the Magistrate is not empowered under Section 457 of the Code to make such order as he thinks fit, respecting the disposal of the property. The owner or lien holder must provide a copy of the final bill and post a bond in the amount of the final bill, payable to the towing/storage company and conditioned for payment of any judgment which may be entered on the lien. Excise Act., It was held that ‘ in view of the fact that the petitioner is the owner and is eking out her livelihood from out of the income derived from the vehicle in question, this Court is of the view that the vehicle in question can be ordered to be released in favour of the petitioner by imposing certain conditions.’ In this case also, the ruling in Shaik Ghani vs The State Of A.P. 18. ( 2007 CriLJ 246); Bench: A G Reddy, G Yethirajulu. Hazi Begum v. State of A.P. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. The driver has been found not guilty of an offence for which the vehicle was impounded, OR the infringement notice has been withdrawn or court proceedings discontinued. From the above noted judicial pronouncements one can gather that in case of seizure of vehicle involved in a forest offence by forest official the Criminal Court would have no jurisdiction to release the vehicle in exercise of power u/S. For that reason also the Excise Officer or the Collector will have jurisdiction to pass an order of confiscation if the accused is unknown, and if the charge sheet is filed against the accused, only the Magistrate can pass the order of confiscation of articles, vehicles, etc., involved in the Andhra Pradesh Prohibition Act, 1995.’ And further held that the Magistrate has jurisdiction to pass an order of release of the vehicle in favour of the petitioner by way of interim custody.’ It is important to note that this is single judge ruling.

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