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wayfair handy reviews

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Handy rescheduled it for the next week which doesn't help me for company and I was now home from work with more to do than I expected in one day. This is crap company with no Morales. This is the I was score that I can give them. This guy was not a licensed plumber, spent hours watching YouTube tutorials, and ultimately damaged my pipes and cause $4500 in water damage within my walls and ceiling. Just again, don't use them for any normally expensive work. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: shocked when i got my chargecard and then called and there is no answer. Just stay away people. Received confirmation of this appointment by text and email. There is zero customer service. they just kept them money. The screws were not inside the walls all the way. They changed 3 different Pros in less than a week and then the Pro canceled 3 hours before due to clean. They went above and beyond with connecting our technology on both our phones and thoroughly explaining all of the devices, how they'd install, why they needed to do what they want to do, etc. The 1st time was connected to Wayfair. While we understand things can happen on a job that cause a tech to be late for the next appointment, a phone call would go a long way to appease the customer. I deeply regret getting involved with this sham of a company. Beware! HomeAdvisor, Angieslist and Handy are all under the same umbrella. Just excellent. They charge high cancellation fees and doesn't care about the well being or work ethics of their workers. Great Job! It's not possible to speak to a live person. http://bit.ly/get-handy-app Need assistance? They are a middle man to hundreds of businesses. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. She unwittingly left the housekeeper alone for 15 minutes to go grab some cash to provide a tip. This company has a 100% money back guarantee. Their cleaners have no showed me 5 times in TWO WEEKS! Silly me, I assumed they would hold up their end of the bargain and actually clean my house. Today is Thursday and the check has not arrived. It's now 9 hours past my scheduled time, nobody ever showed, nobody will answer my emails. But if you just need someone to clean up a bit or remove boxes or hang Christmas lights or those simple things, they're actually quite good for the price. For a lawn cleanup the guy brought no tools, used a shopvac as a blower and still didn't clean all the way. Scheduled furniture assembly by Handy via Wayfair. Even with did not delivery the expected job, the company policy is not to refund you at any cost. They do not use professionals. He cleaned up after he was finished. Which is all i want! I didn't realize that was going to cause an issue. The best of modern, priced for real life. To find more information about reviews and trust on Sitejabber.com please visit. The technician was very competent and his helper expedited the process by assembling the second fan while the tech installed the first one. Not even THAT good! The cleaner will keep more of the money, and you will avoid the giant rip-off that is Handy. Margarita did such a wonderful cleaning. Can only communicate withe Handy via email and they apologized and said they would tell the pro to contact me. He was extremely professional and worked super hard to assemble our bed set perfectly. They’re also not very professional not to get back to me and canceling my contract without letting me know. I work and pay my gas to get to jobsites just so they can steal it from me. After he stumbled around getting it out of the wall and making a mess in the floor, he said he could not lift the new one in.

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